Podcast investigation

I’m quite solitary on the days that I’m not gainfully employed but the rest of the family are. Whilst the idea of being a lunching lady is good, I’m actually very happy home alone. Yesterday I spent an unfeasibly long time making a vegan cottage pie – thanks a lot, Jamie – that, shockingly, the smallest badger was the only one to eat without complaint – but ideally, I just want to be pottering.

Whatever I’m doing, there’s a 98% possibility I’ll be listening to a podcast whilst I’m doing it. I really do love a good listen and included some long term faves in a previous post. I am enjoying the latest series of My Dad Wrote A Porno as much as I have enjoyed all the previous series (not one for those of more delicate sensibilities) and it’s one of the few shows that makes me properly laugh out loud.

Other than that, my faves are always investigative podcasts and some are so involving they can take even the sting out of hoovering the stairs. I have been having quite a run on podcasts by CBC (Canada’s BBC), who do an excellent line in this genre Someone Knows Something with the marvellous David Ridgen is a really good example.

If you’ve got the stamina for it, Up and Vanished Season 1 is an interesting and satisfying listen – the podcast uncovers new leads for a cold case and helps get the investigation into the disappearance of high school teacher and beauty queen Tara Grinstead, moving again.

Other goodies are Dirty John, The Teacher’s Pet and Over My Dead Body – so much to listen to, so little time!

Tomorrow – a fab bedtime story you can actually enjoy.

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