The quest for calm.

The littlest badger is experiencing some nocturnal issues at the moment. Nightly, she wakes and, concerned that she won’t be able to sleep again, comes to wake me to alert me of this potential problem. I have, with varying levels of patience, explained that the likelihood of a swift return to slumber dramatically falls once one is up and marauding the first floor, but my words are falling on deaf ears. It’s all rather testing.

Add to this, the ever present menace posed by Luna, whose mousing skills – usually exhibited only the summer months – have stepped up a gear – and you’ll see why I’m on the lookout for calming products.

Earlier this week, my spouse – my hero – who was up particularly early for work returned upstairs to let me know that he had just spent a rather aggravating, though lively 5 minutes retrieving a determined baby mouse from my coat pocket.

Quite how the wretched cat had managed this feat is mystifying, but I remain thankful that she has no poker face and that her pitiful miaowing immediately revealed her crimes. The thought of putting my hand into that pocket, perhaps once at work, or a little friend scuttling over my lap during my commute literally makes my blood run cold.

For these, and so many more reasons, I am spraying this Absolute Aromas Relaxation Spray about with gayer abandon than ever. My lovely jobshare partner bought me my first bottle, after I had sprayed most of hers in our classroom when I was teaching 24 hour time or similar, and I haven’t been without it since. I spray it every single night at the little badgers’ bedtime and then at my own, and I always take it with me when I sleep elsewhere. It’s seen some particularly heavy use when I’ve taken my class on residential trips.

It gets a good airing at many other times of day as well; however much I spray, I’m no Dalai Lama, but it does make a difference, even it is only as a Pavlovian reminder to not be too nuts. Anyway, I fully recommend every household having a bottle or more – lots of health food shops sell it, or I generally order it from Amazon. £5 to keep me just this side of unhinged always seems money well spent.

Any other tips for achieving a state of permanent zen/turning the cat off mice/stopping the nighttime wandering SO warmly received! Argh!

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a (very) small commission, at no cost to you, if you click through from a link on my site and go on to purchase. All recommendations are based solely on things I have bought and enjoyed. Thanks so much for your support.

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