Jo Malone and Zara Emotions – happy days for perfume bargain hunters.

It’s been an age since I’ve posted anything on here. Stressful times, more busyness than I was in the mood for, a somewhat anxious mind and a keyboard that insisted on capitalising every ‘a’ all conspired against me. I’m seeing as signs the facts that for absolutely no reason whatsoever, the keyboard has returned to a more conventional operation and I have remembered that writing is one of my very favourite things to do and have decided on giving badger raising another whirl.

I could have used my spare time during this hiatus to hone a skill, refine my understanding of international politics or work on my memoirs; in fact I have followed none of these paths, but have tested many, many hair care products, read a number of fairly easy books, watched a fair amount of lowbrow telly, baked quite a few cakes and sampled pursuits of various success and enjoyability with the rest of my family.

Instead of sharing a deep new spirituality with you or delving into Middle Eastern affairs in subsequent blogposts, therefore, I shall probably stick with these less worthy avenues of exploration.

Most pressingly, perhaps may be the revelation that Jo Malone now has a line of perfume for sale in Zara: Zara Emotions.

I love perfume and am a fan of the Jo Malone scents, but they’re quite pricey and definitely not the sort of thing I treat myself to willy-nilly. I was, therefore, rather pleased to hear of this new line and availed myself of the first opportunity to get to a Zara to test them out.

Fortuitously, the biggest little badger’s birthday money was positively smouldering in her pocket, so a trip to the Trafford Centre was timely.

There isn’t the same wide variety of the main line: there are eight different fragrances in total – Ebony Wood, Bohemian Bluebells, Tubereuse Noir, Fleur de Patchouli, Amalfi Sunray, Fleur D’Oranger, Waterlily Tea Dress and Vetiver Pamplemousse – not all of which were available in store, and the presentation isn’t as classy, but I tried the lot last weekend and thought they were all rather pleasant; I’ll certainly be going back for Waterlily Tea Dress and Amalfi Sunray.

I bought Vetiver Pamplemousse which Jo Malone herself likens to ‘a crisp white cotton shirt layered with citrus cologne, an everyday accessory for me’ apparently – I’d say it’s light and zesty and refreshing and I have been enjoying squirting it with merry abandon ever since. Pamplemousse, if you didn’t do GCSE French, is grapefruit whilst Vetiver is apparently a sort of grass – I’m not sure I’d have discerned that without guidance, but I’m sure it adds much to the mix. It’s quite unisex, I’d say, though I certainly won’t be encouraging my dreamboat to help himself.

I’m not sure it has the staying power of the Jo Malone Grapefruit that I had been wearing but for £15.99 for 40ml (or £5.99 for 10ml roller/£25.99 for 90ml) compared with £48 for 30ml, I feel I can afford to be a little more liberal in my application. I’d certainly recommend checking them out next time you’re near a Zara store.

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