Easy reading for busy brains.

A good book can do a frazzled mind a lot of good, I find. Here are some non-taxing reads for those times you need some easy distraction.

Books for 7-9 year olds.

Brilliant books do brilliant things for little people. Here are some good choices for your 7-9 year olds.

Best books for summer holiday reading – 7 suggestions… and a few bonuses.

I’ve always been a bookworm – you might say ‘spoddy’. In recognition of this, one of my dearest friends put in a request – rather like at a school disco – but for a blogpost about some good books to read over the summer, rather than for a second spin of Gangnam Style. I really…

Keeping the masses happy – best buys for holiday harmony.

Mid-Summer holidays, I have compiled a list of books and other activities that I have bought over the last year or two which may be of use in keeping your troops entertained and out of mischief during idle moments or rainy days.
All have been rigorously tested and approved by my little badgers.

Staying sane in the hols.

School here has just broken up. I think parental emotions were mixed. Some seemed merely relieved to be avoiding the tyranny of 8:55 registration and acceptable packed lunches for two weeks, others focused on the 24/7 x 2 nature of the upcoming interaction with their progeny. Holidays without plans can  be hard-going. I am not…

Story time: brilliant books for young children.

It sounds revolting, in retrospect, but when my oldest daughter was in Special Care as a premature bambino, I took picture books in to read to her. I thought – maybe was told? – that it was important she heard my voice even from her incubator, but it was hard to make one-sided conversation with…