Ten minute salmon pasta.

Despondent in the lashing rain after the loveliest French vacances, we needed a very quick tea. This salmon pasta is my go-to when I need something on the table in 10 mins, and the pantry is bare.

Super speedy tuna.

I do most of my shopping in Aldi now, and bought every ingredient for this very easy, very quick, healthy dinner there. After a busy day of scooting and giddiness it was just what was needed.

10 minute tea – super speedy chicken noodles.

As fun as it is spending hours making a dinner that draws nothing but complaint, sometimes I prefer to make something that takes 10 minutes and everyone enjoys. These chicken noodles are always close to the top of that list.

Super speedy Key Lime Pie and Father’s Day fragility.

A late-ish night at a brilliant party on Saturday left me feeling a little ‘tired’ on Sunday. I can only attribute my headache on waking to the loud music we danced to with such skill and vigour. It was a true treat to not be woken at 6 with a request to replace the hair…

Faffathons and fish cakes.

The relentless culinary demands of feeding two tiny tyrants often leaves me wretched – here I’d like to share some shortcuts to snapping approved by some harsh critics.

Freezer tea on a freezing day: (speedy fish pie recipe)

Today is cold; bitterly, perishingly cold – and I can’t face a trip to the supermarket. I sometimes can’t, having endured scarring incidents in both outlets offered in our little town. In the first I was asked for ID – at 37! How lovely! – but as the lady on the checkout shuffled closer in her…