Not the day for yoga.

I never imagined I’d be capable of unflinchingly wrestling a live mouth from a terrier’s jaws before 6am but Peggy has shown me I am more accomplished than I had previously realised.

Luna, the terrible tortoiseshell provided the victim and Peggy needed no encouragement to take this opportunity and run with it. Quite literally. Eventually apprehended in the bathroom, after a lively tour of the house, the mouse was rescued: its pride bruised, no doubt, but miraculously unharmed after its ordeal.

With the grace and flexibility of a steel bar, I thought I may as well try the yoga I’ve been procrastinating for a full year, seeing as I was up and very much awake.

In my mismatched pjs, on the yoga mat wedged in next to my bed, I was immediately aware of the discrepancies between myself and the instructor in her empty white studio. I also noticed that EVERY member of her family, human and furred, managed to cope without her for the 25 mins of the video, whilst my mat was trampled by every single other living being in the household (surprised the mouse didn’t make a return) and Peggy was so unnerved by my creaky downward dog that she licked my face and cried. I’ve never seen Adriene’s Benji do this, but perhaps it’s a less disconcerting sight for a dog.

Today’s not my day to become a yogi, it would seem.

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