Homework helper.

Considering I’m a teacher I’m disgracefully lax when it comes to my own children’s homework. The cobbler’s children truly are the worst shod. It’s always done, but it’s always last minute. Last week I had entirely forgotten about spelling tests until the lights were about to go out at bedtime the night before the test and the ate/eight, break/brake angst that ensued, when all I wanted to do was get my pjs on and watch something highbrow, encouraged me to get things moving a little earlier this week.

I wrote a blogpost a while ago with some of the tricks I use in school to help the trickiest spellings stick but the most popular in this house are the games from ictgames.com; we’ll be hammering these this week. They are great. And free! There are spelling games from EYFS phonics right up to Y6 and I’ve used them loads at school and at home.

Not a chance they’re doing homework.

The Maths games are good too -a lot of them are geared more towards KS1, but there are plenty suitable for juniors as well – basically, if you have a primary scholar who could do with a bit of practice in Maths or English skills, it’s a brilliant resource: the games are child-friendly and the repetition built into the games helps stuff stick.

Some of my faves are:

Doggy Division Dinners; Tables Tennis; Hickory, Dickory, Clock; Firepit Fractions for Maths

Spooky Spellings; Sentence Substitution; Thesaurus Thermometer for English.

There are also payable apps – I don’t have any yet, but am going to buy some as a thanks for all the help the free stuff has given me. I’ll report back.

Not helpful.

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